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Welcome to our portal, this is set up to help ensure transparency for everyone requiring access to the certification and qualifications of our site operatives.

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Delivering excellence in our field, ensuring transparency with all of our contractors and clients

We're proud of the work we carry out and the people we work with. We're making it as simple as possible for our clients to satisfy site management and safety requirements by allowing them access to our staff and their professional status.

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Registering on the system sends a request to our administrator's to approve your access to our records.

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Once signed up you can quickly check each employee has the relevant qualification for their role.

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All infomation is held on our database and reviewed by our administrators on a daily basis ensuring our records are always up to date

    Seymour (Civil Engineering Contractors) Ltd Registered Office:

    Yew Trees, Main Street North, Aberford, West Yorkshire, LS25 3AA.
    Registsered in England No 137 4637

Head Office, Seymour House, Harbour Walk, Hartlepool, TS24 0UX

Seymour (Civil Engineering Contractors) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renew Holdings plc.